Hertfordshire Chain Walk 6:
Bramfield Woods South

25 October 2008

Today Henry accompanied Stephen on another visit to the Hertfordshire Chain Walk. The route is a series of 15 circular walks which link together to create a chain, running from the northern edges of Enfield to Cambridgeshire. With the walks being circular they can be started from any point and walked in either direction. The sixth walk was started from Bramfield Woods, between Welwyn Garden City and Watton at Stone.

The first section of the walk was along a road, but it was a delightful road through the woods, with the only traffic being two horses.

Emerging onto a bridleway through farmland, Henry has a run - and made a lot of excited yapping

Reluctantly sitting still in front of Queen Hoo Hall, an early Elizabethan brick-built hunting-lodge

Making our way through Park Wood

An arch of trees over the footpath as we head towards Bacon's Farm

Turning north, and a view across large fields back to Park Wood

The footpath across fields (to the large tree on the left), with the houses of Bramfield

St Andrew's church, Bramfield. Originally dating from Saxon times, it was rebuilt in 1090 and 1370, and the tower added in 1840.

The Grandison Arms in Bramfield

The village green in Bramfield

Entering Bramfield Woods, Henry is getting rather muddy and covered in leaves and twigs

Fungi at the top of a tree as we near the car.

Quite a pleasant walk, and a nice way to spend a Saturday morning, but not hugely thrilling either - though what can you expect from Hertfordshire? It was a bit of a shame that the cloud came earlier than promised, as it was supposed to be clear blue skies until lunchtime.

Zoom in for more detail, or see map in larger window: Ordnance Survey | Open Street Map | Google Maps

Total distance 8.4 km with 117 metres of ascent in a minute less than two hours.

On to Hertfordshire Chain Walk 7, Bramfield Woods north...


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