Canal Holiday Autumn 2008

Monday 19 October 2008 - Oxford Canal, Flecknoe to Napton

Almost time to give back the boat. This morning's pictures aren't very exciting, but the weather had taken a turn for the worse, being dark, cold and windy, and it was only a short run back to the boatyard.

Ridge and furrow fields are common along this part of the route, the corrugation being so prominent as to give a wiggly skyline.

The junction of the Oxford Canal with the route of the Grand Union Canal (originally Warwick and Napton Canal) to Birmingham.

Looking the other way from the same point. The light was very poor, and the camera struggled with long exposures even with large apertures and high ISO sensitivity - the background marina is nicely blurred as the camera's image stablisation has locked on to the signpost.

So, all too short, but a nice break on a good boat. We are having another boat from the same company (albeit from the Autherley yard) next June. We had a look at one of the boats in the same class, and it was very nice - a king-size bed on a narrowboat will be a real luxury!



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