Mid-Suffolk Footpath 2: Thorndon to Mendlesham

27 November 2011

With Lucy popping briefly to Norfolk, a sunny if blustery autumn afternoon offered the opportunity for a shortish walk before it got dark, progressing further along the Mid-Suffolk Footpath from Thorndon near Eye where Stephen had reached on the previous visit earlier in the year.

After leaving Thorndon, there was an autumnal section through open woodland

Crossing a bridge to emerge on farmland

Once safely across the A140, it was a quiet lane past Stoke Ash school

The road was very quiet indeed once past the school

And the road ended in the middle of a field, becoming a public footpath which in practice was a track to a house

...a house with a difference, being surrounded by a moat

The public footpath then made its way across this field, which fortunately was sufficiently dry underfoot that it was easy going.

Field edges brought us to the village of Thwaite, which apparently dates from 890.

This track around field edges took us from Thwaite to Mendlesham as the sun set

Mendlesham village and church in the distance

Approaching the church, but there's Lucy just arriving - time to go home!

Total 7.4 km in 1 hour 44 mins.

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Unless otherwise stated, all images copyright (c) Stephen and Lucy Dawson