Peddars Way

1: Knettishall Heath to River Thet

27 February 2010

A late Saturday afternoon with the dogs still to walk, and my attention on the map was drawn to the Peddars Way, now our nearest National Trail. There wasn't time to do much of it, but it was an interesting exploration on a small scale.

So, the start of the Peddars Way, which links with the North Norfolk Coast Path

At first the route is a little muddy through the forest

The dogs show me the way

We are crossing the Little Ouse, forming the boundary between Suffolk and Norfolk

Pigs enjoying the late afternoon sunshine

The route then runs along the edge of open farmland: we are now on the route of the ancient Peddars Way, a Roman Road which the modern National Trail follows more or less all the way to the Norfolk coast.

As we approach the River Thet, the going is getting wetter, though George thinks he's found a drier way.

Henry struggles a bit with the concept

But it was just getting wetter, and as we were going to have to retrace all this route to get back to the car, and I only had walking shoes on rather than boots, I decided we'd gone far enough, and we retraced our steps.

Total 6.8 km, (3.4 km on the Peddars Way) in 1 hours 34 mins.

This didn't feel nearly as straight as I'd expected from the map - it was flat but is worth pursuing a bit further towards the coast in due course, in drier weather.



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