Stour Valley Path 4: Cavendish to Rodbridge

12 February 2011

Houses with some impressive chimneys in Cavendish on the fourth of my walks along the Stour Valley Path.

After crossing part of a field north of Cavendish, George pauses by the signpost at this crosspaths in the middle of the field. Our route lies to the right.

Ellie and George on a less muddy section of the route where the path has been helpfully preserved as grass

Followed by a non-preserved route across this field and the next

After passing through Glemsford, a look towards Stanstead

Today's walk along the Stour Valley Path is largely away from the Stour, and this narrow bridge takes us across the River Glem

Kentwell Hall, north of Long Melford. Most of the facade dates from the 16th century, but the house is referenced in the Domesday Book

The mile-long avenue of lime trees leads from the hall to Long Melford. The avenue was planted in the late 17th century.

Approaching the church at Long Melford, the sign on this stile tells us to keep to the footpath. The worn ground shows that most walkers have not taken it literally at this point.

Holy Trinity church at Long Melford - more suited in size as a cathedral than a parish church, but a display of wealth in the 15th century derived from the wool trade.

The large building is the Hospital of the Holy and Blessed Trinity, an almshouse founded by William Cordell in 1573

Looking across the large village green to Melford Hall. Like its counterpart Kentwell Hall, it mostly dates from the 16th century but incorporates 11th century parts

A look back along the village green

Now we make our way along more of Long Melford, and it begins to be clear why it is so named, as it is a particularly long village, running for about 5 kilometres.

Eventually escaping the village, we find our way towards the Stour at last, first passing this old route of the river, presumably taken out of use in connection with the navigation works.

The unused river bed.

The main flow of the river now falls over this weir. We have a short bit of road-walking to do to take us to the car park at Rod Bridge where Lucy and Hetty are waiting for us.

Total 13.9 km in 3 hours 20 mins.

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