Stour Valley Path 3: Stoke by Clare to Cavendish

6 November 2010

On a pleasant autumn morning, a third trip to the Stour Valley Path, walking along the A1092 through Stoke-by-Clare

Cottages in Stoke

Walking along the trackbed of the Great Eastern's railway from Long Melford to Cambridge

Crossing the River Stour

An unusual notice

And the sheep - all apparently with their feet on the ground

Ellie by the Stour - we're just starting to go the wrong way, following the bank of the river, but I realised after only a few metres and we reverted to the path...

...which, looking back, took us up a gentle hill through this field

In Clare Castle Country Park, looking across the Stour into Clare

We're back on the trackbed of that railway, as is evident from this picture, this being the old railway bridge across the river

The bridge support which once carried the bridge for the other track

Clare Castle: a wooden castle was erected in around 1070, and the first stone castle followed in the 12th or 13th century.

Below Clare Castle was Clare railway station


The station delightfully remains in the Country Park

The route of the railway can be traced further on, but the Stour Valley Path turns left up to and across the A1092

Crossing fields north-east of Clare

Eventually we find our way into Cavendish, where the bonfire for Guy Fawkes Night is being prepared.

The Five Bells and the church in Cavendish, and our walk is at a close.

Total 10.2 km in 2 hours 22 mins.

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