Ellie's First Puppies

Up to six weeks

Photos of the first six days can be seen here...

7 days old: "Uncle Henry" with Ellie and pups. 'I don't remember doing that!'

9 days old, lunch time

11 days old: "Uncle George" pays a reluctant visit. Not the most eager of babysitters!

12 days old, and 12-month-old Ben pays a visit to his 'fur cousins'

15 days old, out in the garden. You can see the nose pigment filling in

17 days old, and getting bigger rapidly

3 weeks old, standing for the first time

4 weeks old, Christmas Day. First signs of playing with each other starting to develop

4 weeks old, Spencer practising posing for the show ring!

4 weeks old, Winston has a go too

4 weeks old, saying hello to Uncle Henry again

5 weeks old, puppies playing

5 weeks old - they now have access to the playpen as well as the whelping box

6 weeks old, exploring the kitchen - 'what's cooking?'

6 weeks old, exploring the kitchen, Uncle George still not too interested

6 weeks, Spencer out in the garden for the first time and getting used to a collar and lead

Winston explores the bushes

6 weeks, two puppies trying out the adult dog bed - or at least the bedding!

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