Cumbrian Outlying Fells

Hutton Roof Crags - 30 December 2004

George by the trig point near the summit of Hutton Roof Crags (274m/899ft), a little hill just to the east of the M6

The walk up through the woods wasn't the most exciting ever, but this limestone pavement added much interest

Grayrigg Forest - 31 December 2004

Another easterly outlyer, Grayrigg Forest is just to the south of "the other Borrowdale", pictured here looking up the dale with a cap of cloud covering the fell tops

The path up from Borrowdale inclines across the fellside towards this large repeater station

Henry at the trig point, some 494m/1621ft above sea level

A short way to the east and a short-lived gap in the mist allows this impressive look down into the Lune valley with the main road, M6, railway and river crowding into the valley. A Virgin Pendolino train powers up the valley centre picture.

A wider prospect from the same point shows part of the Howgill Fells across the Lune valley

The summit of Grayrigg Forest briefly pops into view out of the mist as we retrace our steps

The second repeater station from the crossing point of the stone wall

Henry on top of the "dry" stone wall with Grayrigg Forest behind him.

Looking south to the windmills on Lambrigg Fell

A panoramic photo from Grayrigg Common

As the clouds clear, a view across Borrowdale to the slopes of Borrowdale Edge

Looking up Borrowdale

The path descends to Borrowdale Beck with beautiful views of Jeffrey's Mount

A last look at Borrowdale.



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