Lancashire Fells

1 January 2005

Pendle Hill

A trip to Preston railway station gave the opportunity for a couple of walks in Lancashire.

A slightly blurred George on top of Pendle Hill (557m/1827ft) where the wind was very strong and it was difficult to keep the camera steady enough for a photo.

The paved path makes the walk up from Pendle House easy, though the wooden parts are very slippery when wet

Looking east to the Black Moss reservoirs and the village of Barley from the slopes of Pendle Hill

George runs on ahead as we descend to the car

The sign points the way to Pendle Hill, whose top remains in the clouds


Easington Fell

Later, Pendle Hill from the end of the track on Easington Fell

The summit cairn on Easington Fell (396m/1299ft above sea level)

It was still very windy, and keeping the camera still proved difficult. A view to the west along Bradford Fell to Waddington Fell

Above the trees on Grindleton Fell, Pendle Hill disappears into what shortly proved to be heavy rain clouds.



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