Fairfield via Stone Arthur and Great Rigg

12 October 2007

With an uncertain weather forecast, I was uncertain what to do. There were hints that the cloud would lift and break into the afternoon, and even that the higher summits would be above the cloud. I decided to do another walk from Grasmere and hope for the best.

Driving along the Red Bank road to Grasmere village, a look across Grasmere lake to the clouds on the ridge walk for today.

Safely across the A591, a look towards Stone Arthur, lost in the clouds.

Small cascades of Greenhead Gill

Climbing the slopes of Stone Arthur, a look back into the valley before we disappear into the cloud

To show we've been, the summit of Great Rigg...

...and Fairfield.

As we descend from Grisedale Hause to Hause Moss, the cloud starts to lift, and doubts creep in about whether we began the walk too early in the day.

Looking back to Grisedale Hause and the side of Fairfield from Hause Moss

Peering over the edge of the hanging valley of Hause Moss into the valley of Tongue Gill.

But as George crosses Tongue Gill, the cloud rolls back in again

The impressive waterfall as Tongue Gill leaps off Hause Moss, disappearing into the fog

Much of this path has been "improved". But it has been improved very badly, at least as far as descent is concerned, since the stones are almost all parallel with the slope of the fell, which makes them very dangerous in descent, particularly when damp (which they often are in the Lake District). As a result, on much of the route, parallel paths continue in use, and huge effort spent in creating these paths as erosion control measures is partly wasted.

The chances of authorised boating are presumably pretty slim.

Looking back at the final crossing of Tongue Gill

We make our final descent into the River Rothay valley after a walk which was enjoyable - but it would be rather better without fog.

Total distance 12.04km and 832 metres of ascent in 5 hours 9 minutes.



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