Silver How

11 October 2007

After yesterday's beautiful sunshine, today had a mid-level cloud-base, and so a decision was made to go for a small fell.

Walking out along the Red Bank road, a view to our modest objective for today, Silver How.

From the head of Grasmere lake, we turned up the footpath - the stone wall on the right has an interesting discontinuity where it leaps up onto the rock.

A look back towards the valley - and, though the decision hadn't yet been made, the other side was to be the objective for tomorrow.

Above the intake wall, we continue to gradually ascend across the side of the fell

We then reach the point where Wainwright tells us to ascend a scree gully, seen on the right here. In fact, with footpath improvements, there was no contact with scree at all.

From part-way up the gully, a look back across Grasmere to Rydal Water.

From the summit, looking down on Grasmere village

The summit cairn and Rydal Water

We then made a gradual descent along the more "normal" route of ascent. Though at this point the gradual descent turns almost vertical as we cross Wray Gill. George is almost down to the stream.

George waits quizzically on the far side as I take my time.

Descending to Grasmere village. Look at those stone walls!

A very green path as we near Grasmere.

Total distance 5.29km and 343 metres of ascent in 2 hours 15 minutes


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