Cyprus holiday

14-21 July 2008

The House of Dionysos was a Roman villa, probably dating from the 3rd century AD. The mosaic floors are considered among the finest in the Eastern Mediterranean.

They mostly depict scenes from Greek mythology. Here is Thisbe and Pyramos

The House is at Kato Paphos on the southwest coast of Cyprus, and was excavated between 1962 and 1974.  Part of it is now covered, but much is open to the elements.

It was a private house of more than 40 rooms in what was a residential area of the Roman town.

Located close to the House of Dionysus, the House of Theseus was built during the second half of the 2nd century and remained in use until the 7th century AD.

It was a large villa consisting of more than 100 rooms and was the residence of the governor of Cyprus

During a trip into the Troodos mountains, a stop was made at Kelefos Bridge, one of several mediaeval Venetian bridges along this valley. Unlike in our visit to Kelefos Bridge in September 2007, there is no water to be seen at all - apparently the first time in at least ten years that this has been the case.

We crossed the dry ford and then turned right onto the road to Milikouri. Fortunately it was not a busy road.

Not what most people associate with Cyprus

A visit to the Kykkos monastery

Paintings and mosaics line the walls

and the ceilings

The church is very grand and ornate

A very quiet Melanda Beach - only two tables occupied today.

There are a few people in the sea, though.

A catamaran during a glass-bottom boat trip from Paphos

Swimming from the boat near Paphos airport

The boat returns to Paphos harbour

Inspecting the stadium at the ancient city of Curium

The Greco-Roman amphitheatre is impressive with a wonderful view of the Mediterranean: preparations for a performance were just beginning

Contemplating the view

Nearby is the House of Eustolios, excavated in 1938. First built in the early Roman period, it was extensively altered in the 3rd and 4th centuries.

The mosaics and views are wonderful

Remains of the underfloor heating

The whole is protected and shaded by a remarkable roof

Three swimmers in the pool at Kambos

Relaxing on the last evening


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