Woodland Valley from Broughton

23 May 2009

After a morning visit to the shop, the beach, and a family lunch, in the afternoon Stephen took George on a local walk from Broughton - an all too rare "see where the mood takes me" walk.

A look back as we pass through Broughton Park

A cheerful George as we head through the Park

From the old Foxfield to Coniston railway line, a look across the valley to Latter Rigg with Blawith Knott beyond

The old railway line

After reaching the end of the walkable part of the railway line, we descended to the road

Below Brookside farm, following the footpath that parallels the railway line

A tree grows up out of the middle of a waterfall

Approaching High Rosthwaite farm

Flowers growing on a bridge parapet

At Bridge End farm, the public footpath lies through this horrible little section - made worse because the gate catch is on the right, the deepest part of the pool.

The producers of that mess - who were not terribly pleased to have us in their field.

We then had a pleasant cross-country walk, including a stream which we walked through three times to clean ourselves off after the farmyard. We climb above Hawes farm.

Next is Climb Stile Wood, which was wet and well churned by both vehicles and cattle.

Climb Stile Wood in the background, with Green Moor farm. After passing it, we are now on the open Woodland Fell

A little higher up on Woodland Fell, the lovely views open up to include the Coniston Fells

George as we continue along the lovely bridleway along the west edge of Woodland Fell

An artificial tarn, unnamed on Ordnance Survey maps, on Green Moor Beck from the road to Woodland Hall

Crossing Thornthwaite Latter Rigg, with the view across the Moss and Middlescough

George ready to cross the bridge over Kirkby Pool

Safely across the Moss we head towards Middlescough

The lovely Middlescough

Making our way through woodland towards Wall End farm

Sunshine and showers towards Black Combe

Bluebells on the side of The Knott

Approaching Broughton and the sun has come out as we near the railway line again.

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A lovely outing (apart from the farmyard). Total distance 14.0 km and 442 metres of ascent in 3 hours 10 mins. 



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Unless otherwise stated, all images copyright (c) Stephen and Lucy Dawson