Sheffield Pike and Glenridding Dodd

10 September 2010

A wet morning didn't look like it would turn into a dry afternoon, but I decided to go out late morning with some lunch, climb the little Glenridding Dodd almost come what may as regards the weather, and then decide whether to carry on to the higher Sheffield Pike. I parked in Glenridding and donned the wet-weather gear.

Glenridding Dodd as I leave Glenridding village

Approaching Rake Cottages where I leave the road and make my way to the west of Blaes Crag and onto the summit

Looking along part of Ullswater from the top of Glenridding Dodd

Heron Pike and beyond Sheffield Pike, from Glenridding Dodd. It was wet and it was moderately windy, but I decided that as I was out and up this far, I may as well carry on

Near the top of Heron Pike, looking back over Glenridding Dodd to another part of Ullswater, with Glenridding village to the right of picture.

A rainbow shows that there are glimpses of sunshine about - indeed I did even spot a patch of blue sky, but sadly I didn't see the sun myself.

A somewhat damp route towards the summit of Sheffield Pike

The summit cairn of Sheffield Pike, with a boundary stone

A damp descent towards the col of Nick Head, from where I will turn north-east into Glencoyne valley

Looking past a couple of sheep into Glencoyne valley

Bags of stone, helicoptered in, ready for path repairs. Frankly it didn't really seem to need it - there are many paths which are more in need than this one.

Continuing the descent towards Glencoyne Park, Ullswater again through the gloom

Seldom Seen Cottages - old miners' cottages

A very mossy "dry" stone wall in Glencoyne Park

Boats on Ullswater. The final section of the walk is along a permissive path between the A592 and the lake, with a couple of sections of road-walking. During one of these I heard a bang and a BMW sportscar did a neat pirouette in front of me. I paused briefly to check that no-one was hurt, turned round and walked the other way to warn oncoming traffic, then turned off the road onto the last section of footpath.

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A shame about the weather, but it was still good to be out, and the forecast for the next two days is better.

Total distance 8.6 km and 654 metres of ascent in 3 hours 24 mins



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