Stour and Orwell Walk -
Orwell Country Park to Levington Marina

5 September 2010

The first park of this morning's walk consists of about 1.5 km walking along the entrance road to the Orwell Country Park

Housing on the site of Ipswich airfield

The route then passes under the A14

And we are back in open country, albeit with quite a lot more road walking - indeed the first half of this morning's walk is a road walk.

Passing the entrance to Orwell Park School

Eventually we regain the River Orwell

Officially the path is along the grass and then largely along the top of the cliffs, but the beach walk looked much more attractive and interesting

Looking upstream with the masts of Wolverstone Marina in the distance on the other bank

The cliffs got higher, and I began to wonder how easy it would be to regain the official path if the beach route should run out

There were quite a few dead trees, bleached by the salt water

Looking downstream to the cranes of Felixstowe Docks, and this beach is getting muddier

Around the corner, and the easy way is now over this strange fibrous material. The cliffs have subsided but I'm not sure how easily passable that vegetation is to the left.

It proved to be easy to regain the official path which now takes to a seawall as we skirt Levington Creek

Looking down Levington Creek to the Orwell and Felixstowe

On the far side of Levington Creek the mudflats have produced some fascinating shapes

In the other direction, a variety of colourful grasses

Levington Marina and the end of this morning's short walk. Very much a walk of two halves - the road walk was okay, but the riverside walk was delightful.

Total 9.4 km in 2 hours 13 mins.

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