Stour and Orwell Walk

The Stour and Orwell Walk runs for 63 km from Cattawade near Manningtree on the Suffolk/Essex border along the estuaries of the Rivers Stour and Orwell to Felixstowe, where it continues as the Suffolk Coast Path, though as all the waters it traces are tidal and Cattawade is pretty much on the Suffolk/Essex border, this route may be considered as the first chunk of a Greater Suffolk Coast walk.

When I walked this route, "officially" the route seemed to finish near Cobbolds Point, mid-way along the sea frontage of Felixstowe, with an alternative inland route from Trimley to Felixstowe Ferry at the end of the River Deben, but both of these seemed odd to me, and I decided to finish at Landguard Point where the Stour and Orwell empty into the North Sea; this also was a much better start point for my planned Suffolk coastal walk too.

Since my walks, the official route has changed; the alternative inland route at Levington (which I didn't use) has been removed; but more significantly the route from Trimley to Felixstowe Ferry has been dropped (very sensibly - what had it to do with the Orwell?), and the finish moved to Manor Terrace car park on the sea front by Landguard Common, much closer to the mouth of the Orwell. Why they didn't go the whole hog and move the finish to Landguard Point (i.e. adopt the Stephen Dawson solution), I'm not sure - perhaps an issue with only using public rights of way. In the unlikely event that anyone follows in my footsteps, do finish at Landguard Point - it's much more geographically satisfying, but more important it's a delightful place in its own right.

My walks on the Stour and Orwell Walk

Date From / to Distance on Path Estimated time on Walk
21 November 2009 Cattawade to Lower Holbrook 11.4 km 2 hours 45 mins
28 November 2009 Lower Holbrook to Shotley Gate 12.0 km 2 hours 51 mins
2 April 2010 Shotley to Pin Mill 7.8 km 1 hour 39 mins
31 July 2010 Pin Mill to Orwell Country Park 10.3 km 2 hours 44 mins
5 September 2010 Orwell Country Park to Levington Marina 9.3 km 2 hours 11 mins
10 October 2010 Levington Marina to Landguard Point 12.3 km 3 hours 3 mins

Total walked so far: 63 km - all of the Stour and Orwell Walk (to my alternative finish)

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