Stour and Orwell Walk - Pin Mill to Orwell Country Park

31 July 2010

After a fair rest from walking caused by a twisted ankle, Stephen today returned to the Stour and Orwell Walk, after a frustrating morning watching unforecast rain.

The starting point was at Pin Mill, where we find the Butt and Oyster rather quiet outside.

A reminder that we're next to the sea - with Dutch the first language on this sign.

Wolverstone Hall, now part of the Ipswich High School.

George on one of the clear paths across this field

Returning a bit closer to the river. There's a lot of cloud about, but fortunately it stayed dry all afternoon.

Wolverstone Marina, with behind it the Orwell Bridge

We turned away from the river for a while and climbed through woodland to pass by Wolverstone church

There was a fairly straight cross-country walk before descending through Freston Wood and emerging into this field of maize. It's quite spooky walking along a path through crops well above your head.

A more modest-sized crop in this field. The official route of the Stour and Orwell Path takes the road ("The Strand"), but it seemed far more satisfactory to take the parallel path through the field than trying to walk along a busy road.

Looking back downstream to all the moored boats on the Orwell

A yacht makes its way under the Orwell Bridge, with lots of birds sitting in the field.

We then ascend up the bank

...and steps we climb onto the Orwell Bridge

A Thames barge makes its way upstream

Looking down on The Strand (the road), with the straight line of the footpath across the field just visible towards the right (and those white birds).

The walk across the bridge was a bit noisy and monotonous, but the views were good - it's something I've always wanted to do but never quite got round to, as you get only a fleeting chance to glimpse the view from a car. On the far side we descended to the south, then made our way north under the bridge, before reaching the river where we took a path back south under the bridge again.

Heading along the edge of Pond Hall Farm

A look back from the beach as we approach Orwell Country Park and the end of today's walk. It was good to be out again, and the ankle held up well.

Total 10.3 km in 2 hours 44 mins.

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