Angles Way 2: Rymer Point, A134, to Knettishall Heath

5 May 2013

Today I picked up where I left a couple of weeks ago. Although this is numbered as Angles Way walk 2, it was my final walk to complete the Angles Way, since I did the new section from Thetford to Knettishall Heath after the original route.

After a short walk along the A134, we turn onto the byway which will take us for almost half of today's walk

Lottie goes to investigate farm equipment

The electricity poles and cables also accompany us for the first part of the byway

A field under plastic

Two happy dogs, though not quite flying this week

Lone (or in this case paired) trees in the middle of large arable fields always add to the landscape - are any new ones being planted, or are they all being allowed to die and then the extra space taken up by crops. Perfectly understandable for the farmer, of course, but it would be good to see them replaced.

George relaxes after the excitement of four motorbikes heading past on the byway at speed - fortunately they were so noisy there was plenty of time for us to get out of the way. Lottie is on a lead because I can't rely on her to react quickly enough.

We've reached the river called Black Bourne at Euston

The war memorial and some of the cottages of Euston.

Pigs make a change from the earlier arable fields. There was a horse endurance event going on, based at the Hall at Euston, and I was unsure when we might meet horses on our route: fortunately we met only one, who was being led rather than ridden. The horse seemed spooked, and I was worried that the dogs were causing alarm, but it turned out that it was the pigs!

The sandy route continues - not a public right of way at this point though still the advertised route of the Angles Way and Icknield Way Path

This year's late spring means that there are still a lot of semi-bare trees around, but this one will remain bare

We are back on the public byway, and passing a trig point (49 metres above sea level) - I think it is the only one on the Angles Way

We've crossed the road from Rushford to Coney Weston, and although the route is a byway, it is one limited to permit holders, and is too narrow for most motor vehicles, and makes a very pleasant walk.

A deer trotted towards us along the path until we were spotted. It stopped and stared for a while, then bounded off to the side.

On Knettishall Heath, and we are almost at the end of the walk

No wonder the byway was so quiet - Kermit must be elsewhere

And so here it was that I started my Angles Way walk to Great Yarmount last January 2012 (and the Peddars Way in February 2010)

Total walk was 11.0 km in 2 hours 48 mins.

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