Place Fell from Patterdale

21 August 2004

Patterdale village in the sunshine on this beautiful Saturday morning

George waits at one of the becks crossing the path

Looking past Brothers Water up the Kirkstone Pass

Ascending Place Fell to Boredale Hause, looking up the valley of Deepdale between Hartsop-above How and Arnison Crag

From the same point, looking back towards the head of Ullswater and up Glenridding valley between Birkhouse Moor and Sheffield Pike

George waits for Stephen to catch up

Wainwright describes something which looks like a sheepfold but is actually the remains of a chapel

Continuing the ascent of Place Fell, looking across the the path climbing across the flank of Birkhouse Moor to Hole-in-the-Wall, on the way to Striding Edge and Helvellyn (centre-left), with the pyramid of Catstyecam prominent centre-right

Deepdale from a bit higher up

George rests on top of the cairn. He always gets a little treat at the top, but is sometimes a bit optimistic as to which top we are aiming for!

George is visible centre, running on ahead

George is just visible top-centre on this rocky little ascent, and close-up below

Once up that, the delightful ridge along to the summit came into view

Looking the other way past Brothers Water

George and the unnamed tarn which he would like to lay claim to, with the foot of Ullswater behind

The trig point on the summit of Place Fell (657m/2156ft)

George comes back from checking out the view of Grisedale and Glenridding, sandwiching the combe of Red Tarn with Helvellyn behind Birkhouse Moor

A 360 panorama from the summit of Place Fell - click for a larger version

On the way down, a last look at the summit

Boredale Hause from the east end of the summit ridge

This structure is clearly the remains of the Chapel in the Hause, and the object pictured earlier a sheepfold after all!

The beautiful green grass of Boredale Hause

A panoramic view to the west from Boredale Hause

A stop for lunch at the car park ascending Kirkstone Pass gives the opportunity for a good long look at Place Fell and Boredale Hause. A grand little walk [6.5km, 500m of ascent, 2.75 hours]



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