Dunnerdale Fells: Fox Haw, Brock Barrow, Stickle Pike and Tarn Hill

28 December: Fox Haw and Brock Barrow

From the top of Kiln Bank Cross between the Duddon Valley and Dunnerdale Beck, a look through mist towards our morning's objectives: Brock Barrow (the peak just to the left of centre) and Fox Haw (towards the right).

A fluffy looking George

We climb past the disused Stainton Ground Quarries. This was the route of our ascent of this ridge last year - on that occasion we turned south-east but today we would go the other way.

George with Sticke Pike behind him.

Stainton Ground Quarries with one of the crags of Stephenson Haw behind

George and Stephen safely on top of Fox Haw in the rain and fog.

Television aerials are an unexpected feature on the top of Brock Barrow

One of the two nearby rocky tops of Brock Barrow

Looking down past George over the crag to the Park Head Road which is where we want to be - unfortunately not just at the bottom of the crag but on the wrong side of the high stone wall.

Safely down on the Park Head Road, looking south with more cloud lingering in the Duddon Valley to the right.

From the Park Head Road, looking back to Brock Barrow (left) and the pass of the road before it descends to Seathwaite. It was another part of this road that we used in our ascent of Caw earlier in the year.

29 December: Stickle Pike and Tarn Hill

Stickle Tarn on another gloomy day. This was the route of George and Henry's first hill walk.

The two summits of Stickle Pike. I am sheltering behind the big cairn as the wind was sufficiently strong to make photography very difficult.

We then continued south to visit Tarn Hill. We were here exactly a year ago, and the contrast in the weather was striking - and not in favour of today!

George on the summit of Tarn Hill



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